Monday, January 4, 2010

Hmm~ forgot to post about my new year celebration. It was not bad i must say, too bad i was headache that night before new year. Me at Singapore is already get sick, i dunno why.
So, 6 of us together celebrate new year. Me, Pao, Elin, Sijie, Sijie's bf and his bf''s friend.
Planned to go eat snowflake at somewhere nearby Asia cafe, too bad the plan cancel because of rain. Then planned to watch a movie at Pyramid, but fully booked! so bad~
Where to go again? We went to eat some desserts at Honeymoon. Quite nice but the price is not so nice. haha....
After that we went to "da gei", then had our dinner at Kim Gary. We walked around Pyramid until 9 something, then "yum cha" and play cards at Hot Piper until 11.50pm.
We walk to a place there's many people waiting for countdown. Most of them are just so crazy. @@
So after countdown, "yum cha" again at Sayang. The place that we always hang out together at midnight. heheee~


Ms. steady- Elin

Sijie with her bf

@ Sayang mamak

lastly, me and pao ;)

All this pictures is from pao's blog, a few more with Sijie, i haven get it from her. XD

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