Saturday, January 23, 2010

21 of Jan was our "dai ka jie", Ann's 20th birthday!!
Gam gam no class on that day, so that day only i buy her a present. XD
Well, we celebrated her birthday with her family at Restaurant Penang, i-city.
A surprise birthday for this birthday girl...^^ got suprise or not?

perempuan sekalian~

her lovely Wondermilk cupcakes...i love it!

happy birthday to uuu~

birthday girl with her special someone...

Iona with kiss~

Bryan with...emmm...

me with the lovely cupcake! yummy~


After the dinner, went to watch movie at Aeon!

Bye & nights!

1 comment:

w.e.n. said...

OMGGGGG Iona you've changed so darn much!!! love your hair weyyy!! hahah!

sheesh..i dont think i'll recognize you if i bump into you on the streets or something..hahah! but then again, don't think you'll recognize me too..