Saturday, January 2, 2010

After 6 years, i went to Singapore again. Last time was went with school trip, now went with friends. Wanted to get myself some art book, mana tau forgot to ask where to buy. =='
5 days is totally not enough for us to walk around and shopping!hehe....
Pictures will do the talking... ^^

my 1st time...^^

MRT is everywhere at Singapore, very convenience!

visit to art museum...

personally love this....its done by a very young girl! Admirable~

love this 5 patung here too~hehe

a very nice place to have your high-tea.

all this is not rubbish! is balloons with Singaporean's wish, cool right?

Jurong Bird Park

met ann's cousin then have a very nice dinner!

science centre

snow city...

Singapore flyer! FUN!!!

Singapore casino...

so many people queuing...

night view of pretty!

the casino again~

with ann

went to Night so only.

back to Msia that time....

FOODS PART!! yum yum yum~~

That's all i wanna post today...weeeeee~

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