Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY_Cameron Highland

From Lumut, we went to Ipoh early in the morning to have some dim sum then straight to Cameron Highland at the 5th day of CNY. The weather is hot at Cameron, not so cold like last time anymore. Luckily i got bring my camera along, if not i have nothing to do there. So here is some pictures that i took at Cameron. *love colors* ;)

strawberry cheese cake, so so only~

went to the night market and look for our dinner!!

fried mushroom

fried sotong

mini murtabak!! the best one~

"char kuew tiaw"...not bad

roarh...hungry ghost here...actually still have some of the food that i forgot to take picture. I was too hungry that time. XD

the next day, bought some flowers and vegetables before going back to Klang.

visit more....

cold water+sunshine= another BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Reached Klang at 7pm, have dinner with friends, then gambling at Ann's place until 3am only back home! @@

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doris~ said...

woohoo~u take many nice pic~woooo~