Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY eve

Such a boring CNY and valentine this year. Eat and sleep only for me today.
Yesterday after reunion dinner,then straight away went to Dong Zen Temple(佛光山東禪寺) at Jenjarum. The temple's ground is washed away with lights, lanterns and flowers. You can take a lot of nice pictures there! Art lovers will fancy the art gallery! A must place to go for me every year...^^ Saw some art book selling there,not bad,and also a book teach you how to use NIKON D5000 cost RM39! arghh....i find this book for so long d,but at last i din buy it.A little bit regret now.... T__T Anyone going there please let me know....hehe

Top view...i can take this pic because of my cousin! TQ! XD

ya...i teman both of them to the "mo tian lun",balloon wheel .Can take nice pic so i don care for kids or what lah!muahahaha.....

childhood memories...

walked around~


A photography gallery there!! Surprisingly is by one of the lecturer from TOA!! whooo~

lovely mum & dad...

people said:" O miaw" in Hokkien....miaww~

a show by Astro....

Axian & Ah Beng from MY FM!

this two...kacau saja!

hehe...Happy Valentine <3

my bro help me took

yeng ma?!lol...

then back to my house at 12am sharp,neighbors began setting off firecrackers!

more CNY post coming soon~have a nice day!

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