Thursday, August 20, 2009

2nd year 1st sem...the end.
Kinda busy in this sem...seriously.But i enjoy very much.Especially Typo class! yeah!!
At the same time, a lot of things happened too...hopefully it wont happen again in next sem.
Have nothing to say below will help me to explain. :)

rice cake with sweet & spicy sauces
i <3 Korean food...we went to this place when we gt our "salary"

BBQ Chicken Rice Box

Raboki...some noodles with rice cake...not bad

Shi lin "mee shua"...our 2nd choice

hehe...they said i found my "lup per"

One of the Typo project...called spacing.
Im happy with my result!

"spacing" product. XD

happy neh....kakaka

AD principle presentation...our bean!
special thanks to Angela's mum!

"Hei Hwang"coffee...product to present

what thing to do after presentation? syiok sendiri with camera lor!

Me & BeeKhian aka Ah B

sot d...paiseh

the rest pula busy with their "Sponge Bob" project...

another Typo experiment with my product...

Korean Cuisine!!looks yummy?real?

the rice box...

the lamp?some said is tanglung...=='

last day...phew~
a lot of nice work from the others...

AD 085-1 & 2

our lovely lecturer...Lily!!

lovely friends...

front: Winky
middle: Leno aka AyamGoreng,ChewLi aka Chili,PeiYeng aka Piggyeng
back: Pauline aka Pao,Cying aka *a lot*,BeeKhian aka Ah B

mempersembahkan...Korean style rice box
see my eye bags...the result of din sleep for 2 days!

Di mana ada cermin,Di situ ada kita.

last day already...sing k!


Coming up next: Makan @ Klang!

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