Sunday, August 17, 2008

29 days!!!dead time for me to update!!
From the 1st day,which is May 16 until today Aug 17...i enjoyed every single class with my friends and lecturers. I do not regret a good thing! :)
Finished the 1st sem, pheww....and holiday now!!! happy..yet lil bit maybe is because i can sleep until i not sure....tak tau kenapa.
Let me introduce some of my classmates...CD 085-4...i luv this class!!

winky n e fen...e fen has given up her dream of becoming a designer..hmm...hope that u can find what u want!! we will miss UUuu....:)

BT 's class...all of us like his class the most..

from left to right : kang qi,e fen,may san,seow shan,winky,xin ying n me

Winnie,penguin n Celine...d shampoo ad

our mine!!

the place for us to do our last minute work!!Mc D!

lunch at Kim Gary after presentation.

me..mei zi(from China)..n Doris

d gals....

d guys....


prepare for the interview...

my group!!may san. mei zi. me. yi hong

And on Friday,we headed to Sunway Lagoon!F.O.C. !!!Before that,have our breakfast at Old Town kopitiam.
Some of the pictures not with me.....

mine...."sai to xi" n "xi mut nai cha"

the "yong shui" look from Sam

have to photostat student card mafan

two sampat "hot" dance

oh happy day~V"


seow shan doing her fake tattoo.

Last but not least, me n pei yeng again!!tired look qua~~

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