Thursday, January 24, 2008

My temporary tattoo.... hehehe....
Actually is Mehandi...
In India,women wear Mehandi for weddings and festivals. :)

The steps:
  • Use a pair of scissors and cut the tip of the cone making a small hole according to the width of the design to be traced.
  • Squeeze a little on to a piece of paper. Then try a simple design, if the flow is smooth then start the Tattoo on your desired body part. If the flow is not smooth, then cut a little more of the tip. Repeat until the flow is smooth.
  • Just like you would a tooth paste tube, squeeze from the bottom upwards.
Supreme Mehandi Cone *only RM2.00*



Lastly,take off the sisa-sisa....

TADAAaanngggg!!!!!! *abit cacat i think*

A lil star on my wrist too~~ WHheee....

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