Thursday, May 14, 2009

People who want to die faster,Crazy!
just hate the smell when someone is smoking.
then the smell will kena your shirt...super smelly!ok..i just hate it laa...

**change topic

2nd year 1st sem just started. tired. cuz need to wake up at 6.30am everyday.
but but but!!! no class on Wednesday!! happy!
and and and!! i got my very 1st job!
is is is...teaching art at tuition center...part time only.
just interview today...segala berjalan dgn lancar. :)
at 1st i was super nervous...but after met up with the art director there...everything ok d...cuz he is quite friendly...guess wat?
he know my mum,my brother,and he told me that he saw me cycle around with bro looong looooong time ago. i was like ==" hahaha...

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