Saturday, May 17, 2008

2 days of orientation!!which is Friday and SATURDAY. =="

Friday :
Woke up at 6.30am and prepared everything...
Reached TOA at 8.30am,but the orientation start at 9.15am.
I though it was too early or ???have to wait??
NO lo..everyone was there lucky huh?
Orientation started...
the principle...manager and the head of bla bla bla gv us some speech...
SO tired loo....
Met one girl from Sarawak...
too bad i don't know her name yet!

The same thing...woke up at 6.30am.....bla..........
get my student handbook & time table.
then our class lecturer diperkenalkan....he is so friendly and young!!he told us that do not call him teacher or sir,just call his name..CY.. haha
met two girls today!! nice...San & Ling *if not wrong*
orientation finished...
went to VISION ART *just behind TOA* alone to bought some art materials...
then balik.

while i'm waiting...^^

student handbook
Art materials many things have to buy!!total RM 160++ @.@

TOA site good huh??easy for us to find our classroom.

my e-card!! XD

art materials that i bought RM 71...not enough money to buy all the materials!

balik time!!

bye for now... tataz :)

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